What Type Of Roof Is Suitable For Solar Panels?

What Type Of Roof Is Suitable For Solar Panels?

With Australia’s excellent climate and numerous hours of sunshine, solar energy is widely used across the country.

The majority of properties are ideally suited, or can be adapted to using solar panels and switching to sustainable energy sources can reap big rewards. Before you make the move however, there are a few things to consider for any roofing adelaide project.

What Material Is Your Roof?

Roofs can be made from all sorts of materials. In Australian architecture (although this varies from city to city) roofs will either be:

  • Hip
  • Gabled
  • Flat
  • Skillion
  • Arched
  • Curved

Solar panels can be fitted to any of these roof types – it may just be a matter of finding the right type, and the right installer with experience in your specific roof style.

The quality of the roof is important – it’s always better to fix solar panels to roofs that are in good condition and relatively new.

What Pitch Does Your Roof Have?

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This is crucial when considering whether you’ll be able to use solar panels. The ideal pitch for panels is either 18 or 22.5 degrees. If your roof has either of these pitches, you’ll be able to mount your panels at this angle and maximize the rays of sunshine available.

Solar panels, obviously, need to face the sun. In order to make this happen, they should be mounted on a North facing roof. A North facing roof with the perfect pitch will enable you to capture and generate the optimum amount of energy possible.

Do You Have A Flat Roof?

If so, don’t rule out solar panels.

It’s actually fairly easy to adapt a flat roof verandah (which often only produced 50% of the solar energy that a tilted roof is capable of offering) for the use of solar panels. A good solar installer will use a mount or a tilted frame, which angles the panels in the best way.